15 and Counting: “Oking”

Between April 1st 2008 and June 15th 2008, my 15 year old self wrote a series of short stories about my adolescent life and childhood. I sometimes come back to these writings with much glee and amusement. I have always loved writing, as long as I was not contained to a rubric, and these excerpts remind me of that fact in a very pleasant and nostalgic way. I hope you will enjoy the musings of a Classical Christian private school attending teenage girl with a flair for the dramatic.

April 1st 2008. 10:38 pm. April Fool’s Day.


A special word that describes the alluring “relationship” desired by many a young high school student at Veritas School. One usually asks some friends if they would like to join them in embarking the trek to “David Ok’s Market” and “BAM!”, the relationship starts. This particular event is so special that some of the lucky 9th grade class members, including myself, promote Thursdays, or “Mr. Allen days” to this special relational journey.

The allure in the tempting soda, at a ridiculously cheap price, believed to have some sort of chemical toxins in them, aka drugs; the opportunity to socialize outside of school during school hours; “munchies”; and of course, Mr. Ok himself, whose favorite phrase was, ‘too full, sip, sip, no sticky on floor’. All of these appeal to the rebellious teen nature, the desire to make fun of old guys, and have an extra boost of freedom of will.

This “oking” business usually takes place during lunch, normally on Thursdays for us. It begins by signing out in the office’s “student log”, walking to Ok’s, buying some goodies, or watch others buying goodies, walking back to school, and that ends the amazing experience.

Now, I must explain the reason it is believed illegal substances are added secretly into this amazing 32 oz. soda cup for only $1.10. Namely, it produces a strange and alluring affect on each intake. For some, it unleashes their rambunctious alter egos, for others it boosts their energy level, and even for others it unleashes the conscious mind and allows the young and restless fun, freedom, liveliness, flirtatiousness, and a dash of boldness.

The oh-so-delectable “munchies” have their appeal, as well, such as the burning sensation of spicy Cheetos, cheesy crackers of wonderful taste on your tongue, and the ability to rebel against oh-so-unbearable school rules such as eating during Theology class on Thursdays in 4th period. But that is another story.

As it may seem by now, nothing satisfies the nature of high school students, bound by teenage desires, more than the unforgettable experience of “oking”.


*pronounced “aw-keeng”